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Our priority at Visionites is ensuring your success. Whether you’re seeking to expand your operations, increase your technological performance, or enhance your organizational effectiveness, we’re here to ensure that the process is well-planned and executed. Our team is experienced in a wide variety of business processes ensuring you get the most professional results every time.


Consulting for Corporates

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The services that are being provided by Visionites India are:

  • Consultancy in Business Process re-engineering, restructuring & change management, for in-house, and also for Corporate in Bangladesh.
  • Industrial relations management.
  • Assistance for organisation HR, communication skills of need-based in company training & development programmes.
  • Assistance in identification, selection and training of resource persons.
  • Consultancy in designing, developing and conducting training programmes.
  • Consultancy in designing and execution of launch of Services / Products.
  • Opportunities for collaboration in HRD / Training.
  • Leadership Skills development.
  • Communication Skills development and J.I.P. (Job Improvement Plan).
  • KRA & Target Setting.
  • Identification of ways to development of Center of Excellence through Marketing Excellence.
  • Conflict Resolution.
  • Analysis and development of Corporate / Bank health.
  • Motivation at the Workplace.
  • Customer Relations Management.
  • Personality Development for key resource persons.


Mentoring & Training for Entrepreneurs

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The services that are being provided by Visionites:

  • Ability to form a Dynamic, mature and result oriented team with sound commercial acumen, leadership qualities and strong executive presence.
  • Turnaround and Transformation expertise – to improve operational efficiency / financial performance / and needed process improvements.
  • Ability to launch and incubate new businesses – new markets / new product offerings / new practices and competencies.
  • Ability for pan India penetration experience across various potential Indian States.
  • Breadth of experience – (Strategic Consulting / Infrastructure / IT Applications / Governance / ERP Delivery end to end and Consulting)….also exposure to leadership roles in IT/Finance/Accounting/Internal Audit/Commercial/Admin and Corporate Planning, in Industry.
  • Ability to team with Partners, Alliances and Inside-teams to drive best-in-class value propositions for customers- Thought Leader capable of strategic thinking to lead the company forward and take a quantum leap.
  • Strong and sustained Client relationship experience.
  • Ability to form a good and agile Team of professional players – motivated/coached and thereby develop the second line and the Talent Pool to beneath those levels.


Incubation Facility for Entrepreneurs

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What is Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the process of creating something new with value by devoting the necessary time & effort, assuming the accompanying financial, psychic and
social risks, and receiving the resulting rewards of monetary & personal satisfaction & independence.
In short, Entrepreneurship is the process of creating something new with value and assuming the risks & rewards.
This definition stresses four basic aspects of being an entrepreneur regardless of the field.


Entrepreneurship involves the creation process – creating something new of value
– The creation has to have value to the entrepreneur and value to the target group for which it is developed. The target group can be
1. The market of organizational buyers for business innovation.
2. The client’s administration for a new administrative procedure & software.
3. Prospective students for a new course on entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship requires the devotion of the necessary time and effort. Only those going through the entrepreneurial process appreciate the significant amount of time & effort it takes to create something new and make it operational.


Assuming the necessary risks is the third aspects of entrepreneurship. These risks take a variety of forms, depending on the field of effort of the entrepreneur, but usually center around financial, psychological, and social areas.


The final part of the definition involves the rewards of being an entrepreneur. The most important of these rewards is independence, followed by personal
satisfaction. For-profit entrepreneurs, the monitory reward also comes into play and may also become the indicator of the degree of success. For the person who
actually starts his or her own business, the experience is filled with enthusiasm, frustration, anxiety & hard work.

perspectives. However, in spite of the differences, there are some common aspects: risk-taking, creativity, independence & rewards. These commonalities
will continue to be the driving force behind the notion of entrepreneurship in the future. One thing is clear: The future for entrepreneurship appears to be very
bright. We are living in the age of entrepreneurship, with entrepreneurship endorsed by educational situations, governmental units, society & corporations.
Society’s support of entrepreneurship will also continue. This support is critical in providing both motivational and public support.

Services Rendered for Entrepreneurs & Startups

  • Project conceptualization & feasibility studies.
  • Preparation of detailed project report (DPR)
  • Expert approval of DPR’s, already prepared by other agencies.
  • Turnaround strategy for existing Entrepreneurs.
  • Provide a launch pad for development of Product and service prototypes.
  • Development of marketing strategy for Industrial products, FMCG, I.T, and Retail in Fashion & Garments, Educational Institutes.
  • Training and HR development.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the specifics ratios needed for development.
  • What we develop for our associated clients.
  • Understand the role of new & smaller firms in the economy.
  • Understand the relative strengths & weaknesses of different types of enterprises.
  • Know the general characteristics of an entrepreneurial process.
  • Assess the participant’s own entrepreneurial skills.
  • Develop the entrepreneurial process & the product planning & development process.
  • Develop an ability to form, organize and work in interdisciplinary team.
  • Know the general correlates of success & failure in innovation & new venture creation.
  • Understand the aspects of creating and presenting a new venture business plan.
  • Know how to identify, evaluate and obtain resources.

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